This spring ICHI went to the jungle to discover the secrets hidden in its deep. The secrets hidden under its dense green leave cover. The secrets of its millions of plants, animals and its ancient tribes.
In the jungle, the screams of colourful birds and agile monkeys echo from the treetops, deadly panthers and snakes move silently on the ground and scary amphibia inhabit the muddy waters of the rivers. And deep in this forest, hidden by its permanent mist and fog live the ancient tribes with their mystic rituals. Go discover the jungle.



In the chill, clear wind of early spring, you may find a refined beauty in the patterns drawn by the silhouettes of still naked branches on a background of pale white sky and a dim light. But the beauty of this moment lies also in knowing that hidden in the cool ground are millions of seeds, still invisible, but following their own ancient patterns, making ready to sprout with all the soft and beautiful pastels of Spring. On every branch the brown buds are preparing to open umbrellas of light green as soon as spring’s sunlight starts to warm them. It is time to prepare yourself. To get ready for a new beginning. A new season has arrived. Welcome to ICHI Spring Opening 2014 Collection