Room 606 – Main autumn 2014

Gazing around the stylish hotel room, she can’t stop feeling like being in a time capsule: Everything, from the curtains to the ama¬zing furniture, is original 1960. Sleek lines and a play with forms and volume make Room 606 the perfect place to get ready for at late bite of Northern Cuisine about town with great friends. 

What came first: The Swan or the Egg, she puzzles, with a smile while she brushes up her look in the make-up mirror, that, too, was designed just for this place. Who else must have seen their own reflection in the mirror, she wonders, knowing that Liza Minnelli was a regular here along with Frank Sinatra and all the stars that made the Copenhagen sky sparkle back in those days. 

Back to the 50ies

The 50ies is the decade to head for inspiration this season. Just take a look at Lana del Rey, one of the brightest shining stars right now. No other decade showed such perfection in lines, forms and volume. No other decade created equally sophisticated examples of fashion, architecture and design.