Get to know the people behind ICHI; here’s a small Q&A from our chief designer!

Name & Job title
Nanett Schrøder, Chief designer

During a typical day at work
I have a meeting with my design team to prepare the trendstory for the new collection, finalizing color card and direction. I prepare for an upcoming photo shoot; mood, model, look, location etc. I comment on 1st out turn samples. Meeting with the buying and sales departments.



The best thing about my job is
Not 2 days are alike. I’m in contact with a lot of creative and committed people, I travel around the world to find inspiration and meeting fascinating people and places. I love creating concepts and stories.

When I was growing up I wanted to be
A glass blower :-) and a fashion designer.

What’s your advice to reach your career goals in life?
Believe in yourself. Passion in what you do as well as enthusiasm in your job has helped me a lot in achieve my goals!

I would describe my style as
Feminine and casual, yet sophisticated.

My favorite magazines are
Lula and Vs Magazine; for visual inspiration. Danish COVER for trends and what to wear here and now.

On my IPod right now is
Oh Land and Agnes Obel are 2 great Danish artists that I admire; I listen to their music when I’m sitting home designing. For live concerts I love Coldplay, I´m looking forward to join their concert in Copenhagen next coming August.

Favorite city:
My top 3 for favorite cities: New York, Tokyo and Copenhagen.


Are you pinterested?

I’ve just discovered the wonderful world of “pinterest”!
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard/moodboard, where you can pin all the beautiful things you come across online; fashion, styling, vacation, home décor, favorite recipes and SO much more! I’m totally hooked and can’t get enough – it’s so addictive! And the very best part of it; you can browse through other “pinners” board, and get inspired!
Are you pinterested?