Q&A: Model Julie Rode

Julie Rode is our beloved model, and during our last photoshoot; Year End 2012, we decided to ask Julie a few questions because we wanted to give you the pleasure to get to know Julie a little better.

She’s not only ÜBER gorgeous and very beautiful, she’s also incredible sweet :-)


Model: Julie Rode

 What do you do besides modeling? 

“Besides modeling I’m about to graduate from “Øregård Gymnasium” (High School)”

 What do you do in your spare time? 

 “In my spare time I’m together with my girlfriends, friends and boyfriend”

What’s your favorite color?        

 “Hmm, my favorite color must be army green, but it really depends on the situation“

What kind of music are you listening to on your IPhone right now?      

“I have a mixed taste in music, but in the moment I’m listening a lot to these tracks:”
- Hodgy Beats – Mystery
- Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom remix)
- Massive Attack – Teardrop
- Sexion D’Assaut – Désolé
- Mobb deep – Shook ones
- Lana Del Ray – Video Games
- Gramatik – Like you do
- The Zone – The weeknd

What makes you happy?                                                       

 “A glass of “vino” with my best friends on a warm summer day! That really makes me very happy!”

What makes you mad?  

“When I have to get up way too early in the morning, and I’m kinda feeling I’m loosing control of everything, then it takes very little to make me loose my temper”

Who is your favorite designer?     

“I don’t have one favorite designer, but if I don’t have to think about the financial aspect I love Celine, Isabel Marant and Philip Lim”

Where do you shop for clothes?       

“Copenhagen has a lot of nice shops, for example Rue Verte, Wood Wood, Top Shop, Holly Golightly and Gossip”

 Do you have a favorite Café/Restaurant?         

“Pizza from Fiat at Kgs. Nytorv¨(area in Copenhagen) – really yummy! Or a delicious sandwich from Thomas on Strædet¨(street in Copenhagen)”

Favorite food?  

“Italian food, without doubt!”

Is there anything you can’t live without?   

“My family and friends probably also my IPhone then I never feel alone J “

What 3 things do you always carry in your handbag?        

“My IPhone, headphones, water, lip balm from Kiehl’s, money, keys, chewing gum and my Raybans”




ICHI Competition

Creative thinking everyone!! Here’s a new kind of competition, inspired by our fan; Cam Some-Style!

Go to polyvore.com and create a style collage using the ICHI blazer (x-sino-ja) as the “main item” of the collage. The most creative and cool collage wins the blazer PLUS AN EXTRA surprise….!!


This is how it works:

1) Go to Ichi on www.polyvore.com Choose “Publish a style Collage”
3) Create your collage using the blazer below (x-sino-ja – the picture is on our polyvore profile)
4) When you’re done editing, click on “publish” (You need to login or create a login)
5) Add following information:

- Title: “ICHI competition: x-sino-ja”

- Description: tell us about your collage

- Category: fashion

- Tags: ICHI, ichifashion

Post a comment on your collage, and tag ICHI in your comment. Then post your collage on our facebook site/blog

We can’t wait to see your creative ideas!! YAAY :-)

(The competition ends Friday May 4th  at 2pm (was April 13th))