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ICYMI! This week we presented our Spring 14 colection to the Sales force all over Europe that event took place in Amsterdam and we got a shot of a really cool ICHI car.

We also shot some styles from it at a photoshoot, which we documented on Instagram. (make sure you follow ICHI_fashion on instagram)

The sun went missing, so we found ways to dress up our summer items for the Rainier summer weather. Here’s a recap:

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Going Gypset



ICHI High Summer 2013 Going Gypset


Going Gypset

Before going  out for Cocktails she takes a quick swim in the
sunset. Drying in the sand

 she cherishes the moment of, watching the last golden rays on her wet and sandy skin. As long as there is a long day ahead, good friends and a beautiful sunset she is completely happy. The white beaches of Lamu, Mediterranean nights at Greek Hydra or lazy living at Key West. Anywhere she goes, she seems to fit in. At the bottom of her heart she knows she is a nomad, a gypsy original. Home is where her inner urge takes her. All summer she dresses up in the colours of the sun and the beach. Warm yellow and peach with a twist of neon. Basic whites, sand, grey and cork. The colours of an Indian summer that never ends. Now the sun has set somewhere far behind the sea colouring the sky in deep red and gold. She brushes the sand of her feet, gets up and starts walking back to the beach house. The air grows full of the cheers and voices of her friends. She is at home


This is the High Summer 2013 Collection